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How Hydroponics Makes Home Gardening Effortless?

Many people who grow vegetable in their home garden faces many difficulties, such as less fertility of the soil, watering, pest, soil-borne diseases, and improper growth of plants. It is easier to think that you only need to sow seeds in the ground, and then water them, but this is not as simple as it looks.

Like most of the people who end up buying vegetables having a high pesticide residue, you may be doing the same, but there is a way through which you can have fresh and healthy vegetables at home effortlessly. Hydroponic gardening is that way. We will discuss how it is different from soil gardening and how it will make things easier for you.

What is Hydroponic Gardening and how it is different from soil-based gardening?

Unlike traditional gardening in which you add compost, fertilizer, a chemical pesticide, and till the ground. Hydroponic gardening is here to make you feel relax.

In hydroponic gardening, there is no need for the soil in the plant’s growth. They grow in a nutrient solution which has all the essential nutrients for their development. Before we tell you more about its benefits and how it makes home gardening effortless, you should know about how a hydroponic system work.

There is not much for you to do in a hydroponic system you need to plug the pump to an electricity source. The pump in the nutrient reservoir pumps the nutrient solution into the system which flows through a series of growing channels in which plants are growing. After circulating in the complete setup, the nutrient solution collects back into the reservoir for recirculation.

What are the things that make the hydroponic gardening easier?

If we start making a list of things by which hydroponics makes gardening more peaceful, it will keep going. That is why we will discuss some important and most interesting ones.

1. Efficiency of Nutrient and Water Consumption

Hydroponics gardening will make you able to use every molecule of nutrient and every drop of precious water. To give you an idea of hydroponic gardening efficiency, we assume that you are growing lettuce in your garden. It will take only 1.6 L of water to produce 1 kg of lettuce. When we compare it with the traditional soil growing method, which is consuming over 76 L of water, the hydroponic system will be 97 % more efficient in water usage.

There are many places where water is a limiting factor for growing crops, and hydroponics will be suitable for those places. The same thing goes with the nutrients because there is no usage of soil. In soilless condition, there is no leaching of nutrients which saves the quantity of nutrient used for crop production considerably.

2. Space will never be a problem and you can grow almost any crop

For many families living in the urban areas who want to grow nutritious vegetables at home but due to less space for a garden, they are unable to do that. Hydroponic gardening is the ultimate solution for them.

Hydroponic systems are customizable according to a grower needs, they can grow crop horizontally as well as vertically, which utilizes the vertical space also. For instance, a grower can get 3-4 times more yield from a hydroponic garden when compared to a soil-based garden.

Hydroponics also gives you the freedom to grow crops you always wanted to. Sometimes, the soil is suitable only for some common plants, but in hydroponics, you don’t have to worry about soil health. You can comfortably grow exotic plants, herbs as well as edible flowers in your hydroponic garden.

3. You can avoid using harmful chemical pesticides as there is no need to struggle with pests

We all are familiar with that grasshopper who eats up the whole plant in just one night, but now you don’t need to worry about it. Most of the pest attack those plants which are grown on soil but in case of hydroponic gardening, your plants are much safer from pests making gardening so much easier for you. In soil-based gardening, where you always try to find the causes of plant’s reduced growth, you can control things much better in a hydroponic garden.

Try to examine the hydroponics and soil-based garden by yourself. You will discover that the hydroponics save your time and effort both.

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