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NFT Channel-

Material – UPVC with UV protection (Lead-free)

Type – Openable top

Variants – Insulated, inner black, all white.

  • White channel – Standard cost-effective design
  • Black inside – Inside black helps in reducing algae growth & provide a dark zone to plant roots for better growth.
  • Black & Insulated – Double layer provide light & temperature insulation to plant roots & result in better growth.

Note – NFT channels are available in All sizes & variants.





Material – UPVC with UV protection (Lead-free)

Type – Push-in type

Variants – With & without spout

Dutch Bucket-

Dutch Buckets are suitable for plants with bigger root size.

The Dutch Buckets are the heart of the vine plant growing system. They contain the media in which the plants grow and they can be positioned to provide the plant spacing required for the crop being grown.

Grow media, net pot etc available on request.

Plant Nutrient-

Specialized hydroponic plant nutrition including a set of Macro & Micro nutrition.

Available in 4 variant

  • Generic hydroponic nutrition
  • Nutrient for- Lettuce, Bok Choy, Swiss chad etc.
  • Nutrient for- Basil, Summer crisp, Mint, Sage etc.
  • Vine plants – Tomato. Cucumber, Celery, Capsicum, Beans etc

Pack size-

0.5 Ltr, 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr.

Germination Cube-

Suitable for Seedling & Germination.

PH Neutral, Lightweight pre-formed cubes designed for plant propagation & ease of operation Manufactured from water absorbent foam, they offer a good starting environment for seedlings and plant cuttings.


1 Inch cube & 1.5 inch cube

Net Pot-

Horticulture grade net pots. Best suited for Hydroponic operation in commercial farm & home kits.

Can be used with or without a growing medium. Reusable and made from rigid plastic mesh to promote drainage and air circulation.


Available in Diameter – 1.5inch, 2inch, 3inch.

Our Accessories

We will also provide you with the necessary accessories so that you don’t have to wander in search of these items. NFT channel is important for the NFT system as there is a need for a proper structure. Therefore, we will provide you with properly designed channels for the excellent growth of the plants. These channels are available in different sizes so that you have complete freedom to choose among them. We are one of the best hydroponics farming kit supplier and will provide you with excellent features so that you can give your plants an optimal environment to grow.

We will provide you with a huge variety of hydroponic gardening kits and equipment supplies. Therefore, you can take the full advantage of our facilities along with the guidance from our experts. With the help of these supplies, you can create a beautiful garden with a huge variety of plants. We also provide Dutch Bucket so that you can grow any type of plants easily. These buckets are a great help in the growth of vine plants due to their amazing spacing feature. Some of the plants require more space as compared to others. These buckets can vary the spacing and thus, are helpful in growing a large variety of plants.

Plant nutrients are also available in four different variants so that you can choose among these based on the type of your plant. These are also available in different sizes as well. There are many more accessories like Germination cube as well as Netpods. These are helpful in growing the plants on a large scale. Netpods also finds its great use in Dutch Bucket System. If you’re looking for aeroponic farming, do not fret as we specialize in this sector as well. We will provide you with complete guidance of this field and all the types of equipment like aeroponic gardening kit which are required in this type of farming.

We are also aeroponic farming equipment supplier so you can contact us if you are looking for the types of equipment for aeroponic farming. We will provide you with all the necessary details so that you can grow your plants by aeroponic farming with a lot less effort and time. Therefore, for buying an aeroponic farming kit, you can contact us. As we will provide you with quality products and will also help you in all the stages of your plant’s growth so that you can do commercial farming in this sector exceptionally well. We are doing a lot of projects to help the farmers to achieve their goals as well as fulfill the increased demand of the population with ease.

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