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Temperature & Humidity Controller is for commercial applications.

Temperature humidity sensor

Temp humi sensor is for small space like germination area & this is only for monitoring

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Need for automation system

There is a great need for an automation system in hydroponic farming. This is because of the works that require a lot of accuracies. Some of the work is also hard to be done by a human. Therefore, to decrease the workload of the farmers, the automation system is necessary. It is excellent for production as all the works in farming requires less time and effort. Automated hydroponic farming systems in India have started recently on a large scale. Since there are many farmers who want to increase their efficiency. Automation system also helps in lowering the labor cost which is a great help to the farmers.

Our smart farming technologies will help you in farming with a lot more efficiency. There are many types of hydroponic farming equipment available in our automation section like fertigation and dosing controllers. It helps in providing crops with a specific amount of fertilizer by mixing it in the water. This equipment is very helpful in commercial farming. Also, nutrients are provided to the roots with their help. This is not in the case of the normal irrigation system. Therefore, fertigation and dosing controller has an upper hand on it. These contain sensors that detect many factors like temperature, amount of sunlight and etc. This helps in saving water and nutrients.

Farm automation is necessary for the betterment of hydroponic or aeroponic farming. It saves a lot of resources of farmers and, therefore, helps the farmer to a great extent. Also, with the rise in demand, farmers have to accept the automation system for fast as well as quality production. There are many more factors like pricing and labor which are also changing with time. Therefore, there is a need for automation system in farming. Due to the growth of technology, modern farming has started to use it for efficient growth of the crops. We are, therefore, providing you with all the facilities to make your plant growth easier as well more effective. Farmers are also facing a shortage of labors and are facing a lot of trouble. As a result, the automation system comes into play.

We will provide you with many more farm automation systems like automation timer, temperature controllers, humidity controllers, buzzers and etc. Automation timer contains different timers like reserving timer, priming timer and etc. These timers are necessary for providing nutrients as well as water for a certain amount of time. Therefore, helps in over-watering and over-nutrition. Temperature and humidity controllers help in controlling the temperature as well as humidity to provide plants with an optimal environment. You will get the information about all the problems with the help of buzzer.

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