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Barton Breeze is looking to hire Operations Supervisor for our Hydroponics farms. We rely on our farm supervisor to monitor the construction of our polyhouse , hydroponic systems and make high-level decisions to maintain our farmhouse on our sites within the limited budget.

Job Overview:

The hydroponics Operations Supervisor should have a thorough understanding of Polyhouse; greenhouse and hydroponics systems and operations which includes setting up of polyhouse and guiding the construction process on the site. He should have a proper knowledge of construction of polyhouse and knowledge of hydroponics equipments well enough to maintain and inspect it as well as make minor repairs. They’re expected to stay up to date about daily routines while construction of greenhouse and operations. 



  • Good hands on knowledge of construction, construction of greenhouse and hydroponic systems.

  • Overseeing all operations of the farm

  • Ensuring proper preparation for harvesting times

  • Maintaining or replacing hydroponic equipments 

  • Monitoring and ordering supplies

  • Maintaining accurate books of construction process

Necessary Skills & Qualifications:

  • At least 1-2 years of experience in greenhouse construction

  • Interested in hydroponics farming

  • Knowledge of hydroponic systems

  • Problem solving mindset

  • Ability to conduct formal training of other supervisors and team members


We are looking for a Marketing & Business Development Executive to work on the front-lines and help develop new channels, partnerships, and markets as well as execute on those opportunities.

This role will require quantitative and qualitative on-the-ground research and discussions/negotiations for the produce (greens, grocery etc)


In addition, you will build strong and enduring relationships with clients (restaurants, hotels, corporates etc) and build the partnerships that will enable Barton Breeze’s growth.

What You Will Do

  • Help drive Barton’s strategic direction and actively work to execute on new channel, partnership, and market opportunities

  • Evaluate upstream and downstream businesses, identify partnership opportunities to accelerate growth, and help launch initial pilots (products)

  • Analyze and understand consumer, market, and competitor information to better inform our go-to-market efforts; this will often require on-the-ground research and conversations

  • Identify and analyze economic drivers for growth

  • Model the economic impact of and build the business case for different go-to-market strategies and market/site decisions

  • Work cross functionally with operations, marketing, farm deployment team and serve as an all-around team player to help identify and execute on new growth opportunities


About You & Your Skills:

  • You have expertise identifying and negotiating partnerships in the food industry

  • Understand the food innovation landscape and identify growth opportunities for Barton

  • You are entrepreneurial in spirit

  • You are a people person – you have the ability to forge strong relationships; to identify the influencers in the industry and build relations with them to achieve company goals.



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