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Greenhouse/Polyhouse Farming in India


Naturally ventilated polyhouse.png

Naturally ventilated polyhouse

Suitable for commercial cultivation in average temperature zone

Span:          Single / multi gutter connected

Bay size:    4.0m x 8.0m, Height: 6- 6.5m

Structure:  Anti corrosive tubular hot dip Galvanized

Glazing:     200 micron U V clear film, also available IR film

                   of various properties for all crops

Climate controlled polyhouse.png

Climate controlled polyhouse

Suitable for commercial cultivation in semi arid zone


Span:                   Single / multi gutter connected

Bay size:             As per requirements

Structure:           Anti corrosive tubular hot dip Galvanized

Glazing:              200 micron U V clear film, also available IR

                            film of various properties for all crops

Pads:                   Celdex (Imported) with high cooling

                             efficiency (100/ 150mm thick)

Fans:                   Axial (Imported) up-to 25000 cf/m capacity

Humidification: With a micro fogging system

Net House.png

Net House

Suitable for Tubor crops Seed Germination / cultivation, Pollination

Design:        Dome/Arch Shape

Span:           Single / multi

Bay size:      4.0m x 10.0m

Height:         up-to 4.5m

Structure:    Anti corrosive tubular (round/ square) hot dip

                     Galvanized, ISI marked

Glazing:       Insect Net UV stablized 40/50 mesh

Irrigation:    Overhead a micro sprinkler /Drip Irrigation


Polycarbonate House.png

Polycarbonate House

Suitable for Tubor crops Seed Germination / cultivation, Pollination

Design:             As per DBT guidelines

Span:                Single / multi gutter connected

Bay size:          As per requirements

Structure:        Anti corrosive tubular (round/ square) hot dip

                         Galvanized, ISI marked

Glazing:           Multiwall polycarbonate sheet (6/2, 8/2, 8/3,

                         10/3) having light transmission (82%) long life,

                         with limited 10 years conditional warranty.

Cooling (Evaporative): With fan Axial (Imported) & pads,

                        celdex (Imported), and air conditioners to

                        achieve low temperature.

Humidification: With a micro fogging system, Humidifiers

Lighting:        with PAR (Photo active radiation lamps)

                        suitable for research

Control:          Microprocessor base digital for temp, RH &

                        light, Compatible to connect with PC

Green House Setup Service

Barton Breeze provides you with the complete support needed for setting up a green house. Our staff has 40 years of experience in handling the various aspects of setting up a greenhouse. Our affordable prices suite every budget and we deliver a functional greenhouse within really less time. We value your time and encourage you to opt for our excellent Green House Setup service.

During the construction of the Greenhouse farming setup, a project manager will always be available on the field to look after the progress and ensure that all the parameters are met. Moreover, they would be available to answer all queries you might have regarding the construction. Till date, we have successfully installed over 5000 greenhouses. We believe in creating a durable greenhouse that lasts for years to come with minimal maintenance.


Barton Breeze Advantage

  • Hassle-free construction

    Our Greenhouse farming business plan is detailed and methodical. We ensure seamless execution with the help of our team members. We handle everything for our valuable clients and deliver a fully functional Green House without any hassle. With all your work delegated to us, you can relax and focus on how you would utilize the Greenhouse.

  • Professionalism

    Professionalism is at the core of everything we do at Barton Breeze. Our Greenhouse setup consultants are dedicated to handling every task and interaction with the utmost professionalism. Each of our construction projects is delivered with prioritizing quality. Customers can get back to us with their problems and queries for which we will provide complete support.

  • Affordable Cost

    We believe in providing value for money services and have thus kept are Greenhouse setup cost to be really affordable. Moreover, by availing our greenhouse set up services, you are more likely to save costs that would be incurred otherwise if you build the greenhouse. The greenhouse farming cost comes down to somewhere 400 rs per square metre. Even during the construction of the greenhouse, we are always suggesting ways to save money for our clients. The fixed-price contract we offer ensures that you do not have to pay any unexpected expenses once the project is completed. We are famous for providing reasonable hydroponic greenhouse cost in India.

  • Reliable Construction

    We are one of the most reliable Greenhouse Setup Manufacturer in India. The greenhouse developed by us is made with sturdy materials to ensure that they last longer. They are designed in order to withstand heavy winds as well. The greenhouse also would not undergo any discoloration. We customize the greenhouse set up as per your needs and make sure that it matches your vision.

  • Safety and Timeliness:

    Safety is one of the most important aspects of constructing a greenhouse. We have a record of zero safety incidents which is our unique selling point. In all our endeavors, we always prioritize safety. With that being said, we also value your time and ensure that the project is completed in a timely manner. Compared to any inexperienced firm, we finish the work within half the time. Our experience and expertise in the area have made us well equipped to set up a greenhouse within a really less time.

What is Greenhouses?

A greenhouse is known as a glasshouse and the building of the greenhouse is decorated in need of off-season plants against excessive hot or cold. At the beginning of the 17th century, the greenhouse was structured by ordinary brick or timber keeping the provision of window space for a mean of heating. As the glass became cheaper as well as sophisticated, the potential for heat control, it means glass was used as the shed on the roof and the wall. In some of the cases, the structure is built with glass and wooden combined frame. In the middle of the 19th century, the greenhouse became developed only for the need of a hostile climate to grow the vegetable. As the greenhouse was important for the effective food production demand for greenhouse became essential among the people over the world. Now the people are much more interested in a greenhouse set up and for that, they take initiative to know about the greenhouse set cost as well..

Modern Greenhouse - The modern greenhouse is like a framed structure made of glass or plastic. This greenhouse is only for fruit, flowers and vegetable production. Nowadays, the commercial greenhouse is structured like a span type greenhouse or A-shaped. In the greenhouse, glass in place in such a way that the plants in the greenhouse can take natural light easily. But nowadays, the greenhouse is to be made with polyethylene or fiberglass. It is good to remember that in the greenhouse is a place where temperature like heating or cooling needs to be controlled for good greenhouse production. To build the best greenhouse, one needs to have a greenhouse set up ideas before starting the work. A good greenhouse technical expert must know how to build a quality greenhouse as the expert runs with the technical knowledge professionally for a long time.

Types of Greenhouses

The greenhouse is the latest technology that provides a favorable condition controlling the temperature in need of good crop production. Even the greenhouse either small greenhouse setup or large protects the plants from the bad climate.  According to size and shape, different types of greenhouses are to be constructed in need of specific needs  Mainly, the greenhouse is two types such as (1) Greenhouse based on shape (2) Greenhouse based on utility Based on Shape

Lean Type Greenhouse -  Lean type greenhouse is constructed to the south-facing and most of the greenhouse manufacturers like to do this type as it is low cost based greenhouse. 

Even span type greenhouse – The even-span type is no doubt standard and full form of structure. This particular is good for small size. It is cheaper than the “lean type”.

Uneven span type greenhouse – This particular type of greenhouse is available on hilly terrain. This type of greenhouse is seen seldom.

Ridge and furrow type – Ridge and furrow type is to be seen in less quantity for greenhouse cultivation in India.

Sawtooth type – This particular type is similar to Ridge and Furrow Type.
Quonset greenhouse  - Quonset greenhouse is less expensive and it is mostly seen in small isolated areas.

Based on Utility – Greenhouse based on utility is two types like cooling greenhouse and heating.

(1)    For heating greenhouse – To avoid cold bites for the reason for freezing, some amount of heat is to be supplied with the help of a heating machine.

(2)    For Cooling greenhouse – In the summer season, the temperature of the greenhouse needs to come down as the reduced temperature is more effective for crop growth.

There must a category on which greenhouse is to be formed and the category is “ Greenhouse based on Construction”. There must be three types of greenhouse based on construction such as “greenhouse based on Wooden frame, Pipe frame, and Truss frame.

How to start greenhouse farming in India


In the present time, farmers are not any more interested in traditional farming as they suffer from financial insecurity. The reason is that the climate is changed and for that, they do not have the opportunity to grow food in a fixed time. According to research, near about 90% farmers are engaged in traditional farming in India and as usual, they have to suffer a lot of problems in their life. It is good to hear that till today, 20 to 25 percent of people in India have taken the initiative to do greenhouse cultivation in India as the greenhouse manufacturers.   

What are the crops cultivated under greenhouse?

The people in India mainly importers each year import many fruits, flowers, and vegetables from foreign countries and pay them good money. If they grow all these crops doing greenhouse set up, they can save their own money. Even if the growers in India can produce more crops, they will have the opportunity to increase their own income as well as country revenue easily. Under greenhouse farming, fruits like strawberry, flowers such as Dutch Rose, Lily, Orchids, Gypsophila and healthy vegetables like Cucumber, Capsicum, and tomatoes are to be grown.


Financial Support

It is very important to know that for setting up greenhouse farming, the initial investment near about Rs 40 lac to 60 lac are to be needed. But the thing is that most of the farmers in India are unable to spend this large amount. To solve the financial problem on behalf of farmers, many Indian Banks come forward providing a Horticulture loan. To get a loan, farmers need to contact Banks' authority. Even you can call the phone number taken from a particular Bank Website online, In that case, you need to go online and search with the name of the Bank. Have full knowledge about the set up of the greenhouse and go ahead. 

Required Cost to set a Polyhouse


Polyhouse is one type of greenhouse where the farming structure is made with polythene, a kind of transparent material, instead of glass. In the polyhouse farming, plants are grown under well-controlled temperature. In need of temperature controlling, polyhouse farming is generated with a well heating and cooling process using a temperature control machine and even the farming is designed with computerized facilities. As farming is treated with high technique and improved equipment, it becomes costly agriculture. For that reason, to run the farming without any financial disturbance, you need to be confirmed about the polyhouse construction cost in India.    

More initiative on Watery system – Either greenhouse or polyhouse farming in India, drip irrigation will the best system for water provision. It is good to know that the water system is designed in such a way that all the time water level stays at the root level and even the level of water does not fall on the flowers or leaves. The thing is that if the water comes on the leaves or flowers, the infection may come on the farming and it leads to disease. That means, from beginning to end, the watering system should be treated carefully providing high technological effort. That means the use of water needs high cost surely. 

Costly maintenance – The chief maintenance of polyhouse cultivation in India comes from transparent films. The walls and roof of the polyhouse are made of biofilm that needs to be washed on a regular basis. It is to be seen most of the time that biofilm is covered with dust which reduces the light transmittance. As a good grower, you need to go under a solarization system for cleaning the dust stored on the biofilm. The pipes and sprinklers used for irrigation will have to be cleaned within a certain time just to remove the microbes which lead to the cause of infection in plants. 



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