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Hydroponic Farm



Our Step By Step Approach

Find a land parcel


You finalize the land parcel where you want to set up the hydroponic farm. Please make sure your land fits our requirements.


Working Together. Growing Together.

Barton Breeze will provide you with operation handholding with help of an dedicated agronomist. Barton Breeze will teach urban farmers everything about the plantation, nursery planning, harvesting, packaging and methods of delivery.

With the help of cloud based farm automation software, Barton Breeze team manages everything from nursery seeding to plantation, from forecasting to predictive analysis for harvesting with consistent contact with agronomist and R&D scientists.

Our agronomy team will constantly visit your farm to understand and resolve any real-time issues.

Barton Breeze also provides all the tools and handles all management necessary for a successful farming operation.

Our Step By Step Approach

Finding a
land parcel


You finalize the land parcel where you want to set up the hydroponic farm. Kindly make sure your land fits our requirements.

We develop the farm


With help of our experienced team, we will set up your hydroponic farm with AI-based farm automation with sensors.

We procure  farm produce


Once farm setup is done we will craft a yearly schedule and set up a delivery channel for you to start produce procurement.

Smart Farms. Smart Returns.


Based on our contract pricing, explore great returns on investment. Contact our team today for more details!

Barton Breeze is committed to guide you with our expertise and provide end-to-end assistance throughout our partnership delivery to yield impressive outputs.


Excellent RoI (Return on Investment)


Excellent Farm Management


Excellent Crop Management

Farm Management System

Farm Management System


Barton Breeze provides automated hydroponic farm management system. Maintaining the required quality of farm is important to run buyback effectively fully automated farm is mandatory where agronomists can keep track of your farm growing conditions.

iFarm - Predictive Analysis



iFarm is Cloud-based farm management software that will help you grow produce, right from nursery stage to plantation, from harvest to inventory, from farm gate price to client delivery, everything can be done using iFarm software effectively.

Excellent Agronomy Support

Agronomy Support


Regular agronomist support on your farm is critical to ensure we are able to grow crops as per required quality. With our team of Agronomists one can always operate farms at 100% capacity to ensure growth.



It's very simple.

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