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Commercial Hydroponic Farming System in India

Technologies for commercial hydroponic urban farming

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What is a Hydroponic System?

New technologies are coming up every day in the world. As the world population is growing, the agriculture industry is also developing new techniques to grow food in lesser space and by saving water. The hydroponic growing system is a step towards this.

Hydroponic System is a system of growing crops without soil, often called soilless farming. In the hydroponic system, the plant roots grow in a liquid nutrient solution or inside the moist inert materials like Rockwool and Vermiculite. The liquid nutrient solution is a mixture of essential plant nutrients in the water.

The plant roots are suspended either in the static liquid solution or in a continuously flowing nutrient mixture. The hydroponic growing system requires continuous attention to the crops, unlike the traditional farming system.

Advantages of a hydroponic system

  • Higher productivity than the traditional farming system, the plant nutrients are effectively used, and there is no wastage.

  • The hydroponic system is a controlled climate system in which the crops can grow year-round.

  • Water utilization is low when compared to the traditional farming method, up to 80-90 percent lower.

  • The crops are grown in a closed space, which eliminates the attack of pests and insects.

Types of hydroponic system

The growing methods for each type of crop can be different so as the hydroponic system. When you are choosing between the various hydroponic systems, knowing about the basics of that system will help you in making the decision.


Here is a quick go through some of the hydroponic systems:

Standing Aerated Nutrient Solution: 

This system is commonly known as DWC (deep water culture) system. Standing aerated nutrient solution is a hydroponic system in which the nutrient solution is static, suspending the plant roots in the nutrient solution. Replacement of nutrient solution is required every 5 to 10 days (frequency depends on the number of plants and system volume).

A crop like lettuce can be successfully grown in this system on Styrofoam sheets floating on an aerated nutrient solution.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT):

Nutrient Film Technique, gully channels are used in this system to grow plants, the nutrient solution keeps flowing in these gully channels. A pump connected to the reservoir pumps the nutrient solution to the NFT channels.

One of the advantages of the NFT is the easy installation of the system and the relatively low cost of the materials.


There are two different types of NFT system:

  1. Horizontal NFT System

  2. Vertical NFT System

Aeroponic System:

Aeroponic System drastically reduces the amount of water used in growing crops. In this system, plant roots get their nutrients and water through the aerosol mist sprayed on them. Plant roots get the oxygen from the air while suspending.

Aeroponic System is comparatively challenging to manage but much more economical in the use of nutrients and water.


Dutch Bucket Grow System

As the name is depicting, this system uses buckets to grow plants. These buckets can vary in size, depending on the requirement of the grower. The bucket has a growing media like vermiculite to support the growing plant.

Plants having much larger roots are grown with the help of the Dutch Bucket system like tomato and cucumber.

How much does it cost to set up a Hydroponic farm in one Acre?

Adaptation of new technologies makes you feel more confident about yourself. When it comes to adapt those technologies in the farm business, people usually took their foot back. The reason behind this is not having precise information about it.

If you are thinking of setting up your dream hydroponic farm, we are here to assist you in your path of success.

We will talk about those things here that take up a large part of your investment in the hydroponic farm.


Land on which the hydroponic farm will set up:

Choosing where to set up your hydroponic farm is crucial. The land should have proper access to electricity, water, and a nearby market.

Outer Structure:

The outer structure of the hydroponic farm provides a protected environment for the crops. There are two types of outer structure mainly, one is polyhouse type, and the other is the greenhouse type. Both the structure has distinct advantages.

Growing System:

The growing system depends on the type of plant you want to grow in your hydroponic farm. If you are planning to crops like lettuce, kale, the NFT system will be suitable, and if you need to grow vegetable crops like tomato and cucumber, the Dutch bucket system will be fit.


Temperature and Irrigation Controlling System:

The temperature controlling system will maintain an optimum temperature for the growth of crops. The irrigation system will irrigate or pumps the nutrient solution to the growing system and continuously monitors the moisture.

The estimated cost of setting up a hydroponic farm in India in one-acre will come between Rs. 1.45 Cr to Rs. 1.80 Cr. It is an estimated cost and can vary according to your specific choice of equipment.

A hydroponic farm of one-acre can produce around 90,000 to 95,000 lettuce plants, that will ensure high profitability. For more detailed information on Return on Investment (RoI), you may contact our customer support.

How Barton Breeze helps in setup up of Hydroponic Farming System?

We at Barton Breeze are applying our skills, knowledge, and experience to provide you the services that you are expecting.

We have our team of professionals who deliver you the best farm services.

Barton Breeze will help you find the best place for your farm:

As we are have grown our hydroponic business internationally, we have established a strong network of marketers, growers, and experts who will help you in finding the best place for your hydroponic farm.

Setting up your hydroponic farm:

At Barton Breeze, we have a team of professionals who will deliver hassle-free service to you. The setup cost of your hydroponic will be affordable, as we believe in value for money and will make ensure to build your hydroponic farm as you like it.

Our fixed price policy will ensure you that you will not be charged any extra price after the completion of the project.

We offer setup for naturally ventilated polyhouse, climate-controlled polyhouse, net house, and polycarbonate house.


Hydroponic Equipment Installation:

Barton Breeze is the supplier of all major components of a hydroponic system and hydroponic kits. We provide equipment to set up a fully automated hydroponic farm, automation types of equipment that we offer are:

  • Fertigation and dosing controllers,

  • Temperature and Water Sensor alarms

  • Temperature controller,

  • Humidity controller,

  • Reserving timer,

  • Priming timer,

  • Clock timer etc.


It's very simple.

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