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The Barton Breeze Story

Building The Best

Hydroponic Farms in India



We are on a mission to produce fresh, nutritious, pesticide-free food to everyone for the betterment of humanity.


We are proudly transforming agriculture by growing safe, healthy food all year round in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way.



We believe that it is time to redesign the farming experiences.


Barton Breeze combines sustainable technology and modern farming techniques, to create highly productive models for the new-age farmer.


Our new-age farmers will have complete control over what they grow, and how they grow it, and can finally provide a clean, nutritious and traceable choice to their customers.


Going forward, in the near future, we will be able to consume food that we can blindly trust to not harm us in any way.



Smart Farms

Each smart farm is backed with expertise of Chief Technology Officer, a dedicated R&D team, plant scientists, microbiologists, mechanical engineers, and design engineers.


Cloud Architecture and Data Center

Barton Breeze collects hundreds of data points at each of its farms to its Data Centre, which allows it to easily alter its indoor precision control for taste, texture, colour, and nutrition. The data also helps the company adjust variables like temperature and humidity to optimize its crop yields.


Barton also collects all yield and harvest data into cloud to calculate sales projections and market trends.


Using Artificial Intelligence and IoT (Internet of things)

A software is developed where a device is clipped on the leaves and stem of each plant. The software is connected to the computers, and informs the user when a particular plant needs more nutrients or minerals.


Transforming Agriculture.

Barton’s precision agriculture uses 95 percent less water than a field farm, 40 percent less fertilizer than traditional farming, and no pesticides. Crops that usually take 30 to 45 days to grow, like the leafy gourmet greens that make up most of the company’s output, take as little as 12 days.

Barton Breeze’s new-age farmers will have complete control over what they grow, and how they grow it, and can finally provide a clean, nutritious and traceable choice to their customers.

The Barton Team

Barton Breeze has aggregated the best and brightest team, all aligned with how we transform agriculture. From deep expertise from science to engineering to technology to food safety, from crop physiologists to microbiologists to registered dietitians, Barton carefully monitors the health and quality of plants to optimize taste, texture, colour, nutrition, and yield and deliver a better product.


Scalable Solutions 

Barton Breeze couples together of their unique understanding of evolving technology and cross-industry experience of our diverse and dynamic team members to deliver rapidly deployable and scalable solutions.


Barton’s growing techniques hence can be highly customized. It’s a type of control and precision you can’t ever get out in the field.



It's very simple.

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