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Need of the hour- Healthy Farming, Healthy Produce, Healthy Living

From the time when the pesticide companies established in India, there has been widespread use of pesticides across farms. Large scale use of pesticides resulted in more production of crops. But as the exposure of human lives increases with the time to these toxic chemicals, the incidents of food poisoning and chronic diseases became a common scenario.

India is now the second-largest pesticide manufacturer of pesticides in Asia and globally on twelfth rank.

It is time to move to a healthy, fresh, and delicious food diet which is free from the pesticide. Hydroponically grown vegetables and fruits will help you in making the switch to a healthy and nutritious diet.

What did we mean with Healthy Farming?

The idea of well-being is behind healthy farming. Crops are grown by the efficient use of nutrients and water to get the best quality harvest. Crops grown with less or no exposure to pesticides and in a controlled environment comprise healthy farming techniques.

The crops that are grown in soil have residues of toxic pesticides. Consumption of such vegetables and fruits can cause serious health problems.

Complete protection from the exposure of such hazardous chemicals is not possible, but we can reduce our consumption by moving to hydroponically or organically grown vegetables and fruits.

Children are at more risk of pesticides because their minds and body are developing. That is why shifting to locally grown healthier and nutritional food for healthy living is essential. Intake of pesticides, even at a low level, can cause serious health problems such as brain tumors, breast cancer, and leukemia.

How can you move to healthier food?

Shifting to a healthy diet might seem to be tough, there must be some questions in your mind like "how can I decide which vegetables are safer?". Hydroponically and organically grown vegetables and fruits are the answer.

The importance of eating organic food for your health and well-being is very high. When you eat healthy food, your body reflects this change. You start to feel more energetic than before and feel more relaxed.

Vegetables that are grown in soil-less farming are rich in vitamins and minerals because they are grown in the optimal condition required for best growth. The vegetables and fruits grown organically are of high quality and have better taste.

Benefits of eating hydroponic or organic food:

If we start counting the benefits of eating hydroponic or organic food, it may take a day or more to tell a fraction of it. We are discussing here some of those benefits today that will motivate you in the shift to organic food.

Detoxify the body and mind:

Organic vegetables and fruits are grown without pesticides or any other chemical in optimal condition, hence the number of antioxidants and detoxifying minerals is much larger than those raised with the application of pesticides. These detoxifying minerals are essential for proper cleansing of your blood.

Freshness not compromised:

The hydroponically or organically grown vegetables and fruits do not contain preservatives and quickly get degraded if not consumed. Thus, they always come fresh at the market. Fresh veggies have their value at best to eat.

Healthy for Your Heart:

Our heart health depends more on the quality of food. The hydroponically grown vegetables are much richer in minerals, which improves the functioning of the heart and helps in the cases of heart problems. The more organically grown food we add to our diet, the healthier our heart will become.

Tastes Better Than Soil Grown:

When we eat hydroponically or organically grow vegetables or fruits, we can easily find the difference in taste. This difference in taste than soil grew is due to the absence of pesticide residues and preservatives in them. The nutrient composition of organic food is much better than soil-grown food with the application of pesticides.

Helps in Boosting Immunity:

Organic food is of high quality. Chemicals present in pesticides are remarkably toxic if consumed in high quantity, even at lower levels of pesticide residues, the consumption results in weak immunity to infection. If we have organic vegetables in our diet, it comparatively increases our overall immunity.

Lesser Impact on Environment

The methods by which the hydroponic crops or the organic crops are grown, the impact on the environment is minimal. The crops which are raised by the application of pesticide cause contamination in the soil which later contaminates the groundwater.

Drinking water contaminated with heavy metals can cause severe diseases like cancer.

If you don't have the reach to any nearby market where organic vegetables or fruits are available, you can grow your food with home growing hydroponic kits. These kits are available at affordable prices. Anyone with few days of training can grow food with these kits at home.

To live a healthy life, we all first learn to grow healthy food.

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