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Hydroponic Farm Setup

Vertical NFT system

Horizontal NFT system

DWC system (Raft system)

Zip Grow System

Aeroponic System

Indoor grow system

Dutch bucket grow system


Scope of services

  • ✓ Site Audit
  • ✓ Water parameter testing
  • ✓ Site feasibility & feedback report
  • ✓ Designing Farm as per site conditions
  • ✓ Deploy hydroponic system & polyhouse
  • ✓ 7 days training at our farm facility or at your site
  • ✓ Hand over supplier detail for all operational needs
  • ✓ Training on how to make Plant nutrition
  • ✓ Grow support for first grow cycle

post sales services

  • ✓ Farm operation agreement ( we will operate farm)
  • ✓ Annual maintenance contract (AMC)
  • ✓ Agronomy service

Professional services in hydroponic farming

We provide excellent services and always think about the betterment of the farming sector. There is a requirement of professionalism in farming to produce a quality product as there are many sensitive areas in farming which are to be taken care of. With a variety of setups, you will have a perfect environment for plant growth. Our hydroponic farm setup will provide you with different types of systems. Hydroponic farming training and services will provide you with great assistance for the perfect growth of the plants. You do not have to worry about the setup as we will provide you with proper assistance that will help you in setting up the best available system for your plants.
You will also get the best hydroponic farming products and equipment to grow plants with ease. These products will help you in providing additional features which will reduce your time and effort in growing the plants. Hydroponic setup cost in India differs greatly as it depends on many factors like quality of technology and etc. Therefore, we will provide you with a reasonable cost of setting up the farm. Since we understand the situation of farmers and hence, provide many facilities to reduce your stress from the financial sector. Commercial hydroponic farm setup is what a farmer desire to obtain as much profit as he can. Therefore, with the guidance of our experts, we will help you to achieve your desire, perfectly.
Our hydroponic growing system will help you to grow your plants under optimal condition. Also, you will face no difficulty in handling the sensitive areas of the plantation. Since our system will make it easy for you. Also, our hydroponic gardening equipment will make your garden heavenly. You will have no trouble since these types of equipment will solve all of your problems, easily. You can choose among the systems available as per the suitability of the plant growth. NFT or Nutrient film technique is a type of hydroponic technique to provide nutrients to the roots with the help of the gully system. With the help of the proper flow rate and other properly designed facilities in our NFT system, plant growth can be achieved to a great height.
Zip grow system will offer you with a great space at a lower cost. This type of system is preferable by many farmers due to its great efficiency. This system is the type of vertical farming and will provide you with many amazing facilities. Horizontal frame is another system to grow plants efficiently. In this system, plants are placed in a frame like fashion, horizontally. Indoor grow system helps the farmer to grow plants on a large scale inside a chamber in an optimum condition. DWC system also known as the Deep Water Culture system is another setup where the requirement of the net pod is necessary to hold the plant roots. This system provides plants with great access to Oxygen through the help of an air pump. Dutch Bucket Grow System is helpful to the farmers who want to grow a huge variety of plants. This is because of the flexibility in varying the space between the buckets along with the re-usability of the growing medium.

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