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5 Pros and Cons of Hydroponic Farming

Hydro farming in India

Hydro farming in India is a system processed with soilless growing and the cultivation is to be done in an aquatic-based environment. The process also sunlight less plantation but the farming is based on water and nutrients. It is not a traditional agriculture farming but farming is based on improved technology. The most important thing is that this particular farming is done in indoor surroundings. The products produced from the system is a hundred percent nutrients and all the year-round, the plants from the system are available. Farming is 10 times faster to produce plants than normal farming. Under the farming, vegetable like lettuce, arugula, chard, and kale come to be grown in bulk type.

Type of hydroponic farming

Hydro farming in India is different types but out of many more types, vertical hydroponic farming is very and popular and effective. Depending on the benefits and type of cultivation processes, the processed are categorized in different ways. To know about the pros and cons of vertical hydroponic, take a look below.

Growing products without soil

Hydroponic farming has become a predominant process of growing plants and the process comes to be generated in vertical farming. Though farming slower than most other systems, it gains importance steadily. The system is involved in the growth of plants with an effective solution of nutrient plants that are free of soil. In that vertical farming, the roots of the plants are submerged into the solution of nutrients. To make the farming activities, from time to time, monitoring is to be done in such a way that the correct components in the solution can go surely.

Aeroponics – plants without soil but little water

Aeroponic is one of the most popular farming in vertical hydroponic farming introduced by The National Aeronautical and Space Administration ( NASA) in the year of 1990. This particular system is done for growing plants in the air or mist environment without any soil but less measurable water. It is very important to know that this system needs 99% less amount of water than most other efficient hydroponics systems. Plants are to be grown under this particular hydro farming in India with the aeroponics process uptake vitamins and minerals.


Aquaponic – the farming of plants and fish

Aquaponic farming is also one of the best farming in the system of vertical hydroponic farming. This particular process is combined with fish and plants in the same ecosystem. By this process, fish comes to be grown in indoor ponds and produces a waste enriched with high nutrients that for the next time is to be used as a food source for the plants cultivated in vertical farms. It will be the best hydro farming in India as well as in the other parts of the world within a short period. The system of Aquaponic is still used in several commercial vertical farms that are engaged to produce crops instead of a component of Aquaponic.

Lokal – Fresh Food farming

Lokal is one of the well known and faster vertical hydroponic farming. Anyone can do this farming using LEDs at the kitchen with stackable trays. The system is processed with high and effective technology and under this system, plants grow three times faster than the traditional process. With this farming, people will be helpful in a maximized way to grow food with their domestic surroundings for their personal needs or commercial purposes.

Cubic Farming System

The cubic farming system is also a potential way of vertical hydroponic farming which is a profitable and predictable firm for the next generation. It is processed through the conveyor rotation method. The process will come to be generated automatically with an effective nutrient delivery system using LED lighting. The machine under the system of hydro farming in India makes an optimal environment to make the surrounding green. The process needs much little water which is used in traditional agriculture.

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nizam asiabiz
nizam asiabiz
Feb 27, 2021

Hydrophobic farm products are dangerous to health as it is grown on 100% chemical synthetic fertilisers and synthetic additives without natural mineral soil.

It will cause cancer and generic diseases only known after 10 years when millions going to suffer.

World is seeking for natural mineral soil grown farm products without out synthetic chemical in our food products.

Why one society is misguiding artificial grown products... in the science and technology.

Alredy world is facing huge problems in swine flu, mad cow disease and many more unknown diseases caused due to artificially developed fast growing cattles.

This is all not there 100 years before and world was going happy with nature.

Please don’t bring science and technology in food chin.....

Winston Aaron
Winston Aaron
Mar 06, 2021
Replying to

Wasn't our population a little under 2 billion, 100 years ago? Times have changed and we have to change along with it or we will perish. I don't think you understand plants very well, Neither do you understand soil. Plants don't care about where they get there chemicals from, be it water or soil. Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, these are the three things that provide most of the nutrients to plants. Carbon dioxide and water make up for most of the matter in plants. And this is what Hydroponics is about. Creating suitable conditions for plants to efficiently grow from. Cancer is caused be carcinogens. Free radicals are not present in this system, so it can't cause cancer. Swine Flu and…

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