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Building an effective hydroponic system

Hydroponics is the practice medium of growing plants using only water and nutrients. The word hydroponics exemplifies this method of gardening does not use soil.

Hydroponics is vying to become the go-to method for home growing.

Determine the Location

You don’t need to locate a large garden in an enclosed structure to grow your fresh produce such as a greenhouse or the basement of your house, or on an outdoor patio or deck. Nor do you need years of experience to build an effective hydroponic system. That is the beauty of hydroponics.

Few Points to Remember -

  • Coverage of water and nutrients should be ensure the level in floor to the plants in the system

  • Protect the system from the elements if placing the system outdoors such as providing a wind barrier, and check the water levels more often due to water loss from evaporation.

  • Bring the hydroponic system indoors during cold temperatures.

  • Add grow lights to provide supplemental lighting to the plants if placing the system in an interior room of your house.

Methods to build an effective hydroponic system

  • The Passive Bucket Kratky Method

  • Simple Bucket Hydroponic System

  • Simple Drip System With Buckets

  • Aquarium Hydroponics Raft

  • PVC NFT Hydroponics System

  • Hydroponic Grow Box

  • Frame Hydroponic System

  • Vertical Window Farm

  • Hydroponic Rain Tower Garden

  • Simple Desktop Hydroponic System

  • Mason Jar Kratky Method Hydroponics

  • Dutch Bucket Hydroponics

  • Deep Water Culture Hydroponics

  • Drip Water Hydroponics

  • Ebb-Flow System

  • Stackable Hydroponics


In a nutshell, the idea behind hydroponics efforts is to eradicate as many barriers as possible between a plant’s roots and the water, oxygen, and nutrients it needs to grow (and thrive). It reduces the physical effort at home involved in growing crops and offers a much simpler formula to grow crops.

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