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Low-Cost Greenhouse Farming In India

The strongest activity in the Indian economy comes from agricultural production of vegetables under low-cost greenhouse farming. It is to be seen according to our experience that during 50 years, the correlation between agricultural growth and economic prosperity has been running with the neck and neck. According to the

research, India might be strongest in economic power over the world if agricultural productivity comes equally with those countries that are rated highest. To perform better, the people of India in every state need to take effective initiative for greenhouse farming in Rajasthan or Punjab new born technology which improves continuous productivity, sustainability, and profitability in that particular farming system.

Technological background – Greenhouse farming technology is processed with the combined system of science and art. Almost 93 percent of plants either cash crops or food crops are to be cultivated in the open field. Greenhouse farming in Rajasthan is cultivated in such a way that the adverse climate which is not suitable for growing crops, comes favorable with the help of greenhouse technology. Even the most inadequate climate such as windy climate, excessive radiation, extreme temperature or the condition prevailed by insects diseases. It is very important to know that if the climate does not favor greenhouse farming in Gujrat, the climate is to be processed with the system of micro climate.

Inner house farming system- In India, Greenhouse Farming in Gujrat is designed with transparent or translucent materials in large shapes under a controlled environment just to get maximum productivity. But one question is that for what advantage the people in Gujrat like to take farming. Take a look below details.

Benefit for people in India – The soil preparation of greenhouse farming is better than outdoor cultivation depending upon the type of greenhouse along with the environment facility. The people in India especially Gujarat and Rajasthan have reliability for crop production under that particular cultivation. This particular farming system is beneficial for vegetable and flower production. The growers will have year-round production and even they can get off-season vegetable and flower crops. As the system is disease-free, the growing production is free from pesticides. As a result of that, the new-born farming is a hundred percent hygienic and low cost-oriented.

The Status in India about greenhouse – Though greenhouse farming is to be cultivated in most of the countries in the world in more than one century, in India, the farming has entered during the year 1980. According to research, among the states in India, greenhouse farming in Rajasthan has done a remarkable result regarding the production growth rate. It is good to know that greenhouse farming in Ladakh has great success with vegetable production during a short period within 3 to 8 months. In the north-east area, greenhouse cultivation has been processed to grow the vegetable as off-season vegetable. In the northern area in India, farming is not like greenhouse farming in Gujarat or Rajasthan but here is the farming only for seedlings production of vegetables and flowers to capture the early markets. In Tamilnadu, Maharastra and Karnataka have been able to make a great market commercial flori culture in need of fulfilling the demand for domestic and export purposes. But it is very important to know that till now also, some of the states in India have not taken any fruitful step to start the food growing under the greenhouse process.

Classification of greenhouses: Greenhouse structure of various types is used for crop production. Although there are advantages in each type for a particular application, in general, there is no single type greenhouse, which can be constituted as the best. Different types of greenhouses are designed to meet specific needs. The different types of greenhouses based on shape, utility, material, and construction are briefly given below:

Kind of greenhouses –For crop production, various type of greenhouse farming is used and each type of greenhouse system has a special benefit. One and every greenhouse is processed for a specific need and for that the structure of the farming comes in different looks with a different specialty. It is important to know that greenhouse classification comes in two ways (1) Shape Based (2) Utility-Based

Under Shape based: - Greenhouse in shape base comes with the different looking pattern and shape-based is ideal for greenhouse farming in Rajasthan or Gujrat.

Lean type of greenhouse Span type greenhouse ( Even)Span type greenhouse ( uneven)Ridge and furrow type Saw tooth type Quonset greenhouse Interlocking furrow type greenhouse

Greenhouse based on ground based – Utility-based greenhouse comes only for its working benefit. Here utility comes with active heating and active cooling. For the need of temperature control, the greenhouse is made with (1) Wooden framed structure (2) Pipe framed structure (3) truss framed structure

As your need, you can go for a budget just to make greenhouse farming but low-cost greenhouse farming comes to you in an easy way when you consult with an expert.

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